Croatia, officially known as the Republic of Croatia, is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic. The largest and capital city of Croatia is Zagreb. The country covers 21, 851 square miles, which is equivalent to 56,594 square kilometers, and has diverse and Mediterranean climates. The sea coast of Croatia contains thousands of islands. The country is a home for 4.28 million people who are mostly Croats. Roman Catholicism is the known religious denomination in this country.

According to history, Croats arrived in present-day Croatia during the earlier part of 7thCentury AD. Croats organized the state to duchies. Tomislay was the first king and he has played vital role in elevating the country’s status and turning it to a kingdom. The Croatia Kingdom has maintained its sovereignty for almost two centuries to the point that it reaches the peak of Dmitar Zyonimir and Kings Peter Rule. Croatia has entered personal union together with Hungary in 1102. It was in 1527 when Croatia encountered Ottoman conquest and Ferdinand was elected by Croatian Parliament to the exclusive Croatian throne.

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After World War 1 in 1918, has been included in the unrecognized State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs breaking from Austria-Hungary merging to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Croatia has also become a federal constituent and founding member of the socialist state of Second Yugoslavia. It was in June 1991 when the country declared independence, but this came to effect on October 8 of similar year. The War Independence of Croatia was successfully fought during the entire four years next to the declaration.

At present, Croatia has ultimately high index for human development. International Monetary Fund categorized Croatia as a developing and emerging economy and World Bank identified this nation as high income economy. Croatia is an active member of United Nations, European Union, NATO, World Trade Organization and Council of Europe and also a founding member of Union for the Mediterranean. As an official and active participant of the United Nations peacekeeping forces, the country has contributed troops to NATO-led mission that officially took place in Afghanistan. Croatia has also acquired non-permanent seat in UN Security Council for 2008 to 2009 term.

The sector mostly dominating Croatia’s economy is the service sector and this is followed by agriculture and industrial sector. Tourism has also been a dominant and significant source of higher revenue especially during the summer. No wonder, Croatia was recognized as the 18th most famous tourist destinations worldwide. Part of the country’s economy is controlled by the state with considerable government expenditure. The most significant trading partner of Croatia is European Union.

Since 2000, the government of Croatia has allocated and invested more in infrastructure specifically in facilities and transport routes along Pan-European corridors. Significant portion of the energy supply in Croatia is produced by internal sources the all the rest of the supplies are imported. Croatia also offers free secondary and primary education and universal system for healthcare and at the same time supporting the culture through amazing corporate investments in publishing and media and by means of several public institutions.


More about Croatia’s Politics

The government powers in the country are specifically divided into executive, judiciary and legislative powers. Civil Law is said to be Croatia’s legal system that is strongly influenced by Austria-Hungary legal heritage. During the time that accession negotiations EU were successfully completed last June 30, 2010, the legislation of the country became fully harmonized with Community acquis.

The president of Croatia, also referred to as head of the state, is directly elected for a term of five years and limited to two years maximum terms by the Constitution. Aside from being the armed forces’ commander in chief, the president is also task to deal with procedural duty and that is appointing the country’s prime minister with parliament’s consent hereby influencing the foreign policy. The recent presidential election held in Croatia was dated January 10, 2010 and the presidency was won by Ivo Josipovic. The oath of office was taken by the elected president last February 18, 2010.

Judicial System

The County Courts, Supreme Courts and Municipal Courts make up Croatia’s judicial system. Constitutional courts work on matters concerning the Constitution. It was also found out that there are commercial courts, misdemeanor courts and administrative courts. Law enforcement has been the sole duty and responsibility of the country’s police force that is regulated by the Ministry of Interior. In recent times, police force has been under a significant reform with then valuable assistance given by international agencies such as OSCE or Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe since their mission in Croatia began in April 18, 1996.


The literacy in the country is 99.2%. The education system in Croatia ranked at 22nd sharing the place with Austria. This was published last August 2010 by Newsweek based on worldwide study focused on quality of living. Primary education in the country starts at age six and seven consisting of eight grades. Last 2007, a particular law has been passed that tend to increase noncompulsory and free education up to 18 years old.

Compulsory education comprises of eight grades in elementary schools. Vocational schools and gymnasiums offer secondary education to the people of Croatia. Last 2010; there have been 2,131 primary schools and about 713 academic institutions providing secondary education of various forms. Secondary and primary education is also available in different languages recognized by Croatian minorities. Classes are also being held in Italian, German and Serbian languages. There are 47 secondary art and music schools in Croatia and 84 elementary schools. There are also about 92 schools for youth and disabled children and 74 schools for the adults.


Due to Croatia’s geographical position, it depicts a combination of four varied cultural spheres. Croatia is a crossroad of western and eastern culture influences since the division of Byzantine Empire and Western Roman Empire as well as Mediterranean culture and Mitteleuropa. The most important period for cultural history is the Illyrian Movement as the period in 19th century marked the vital emancipation of Croatian language. This was also the period when development in different fields of culture and arts are observed giving rise to series of remarkable historical figures. The Ministry of Culture is the one in charge of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Croatia and overseeing the development of the country.